Motorcycle Recalls by Make and Model

September 21, 2009 – 9:18 am

When a new or used motorcycle has problems or has defective parts that pose a danger to consumers, it may be recalled by the manufacturers and officially announced by the NHTSA or other government agencies. NHTSA provides a service for consumers where you can search by make and model:

Motorcycle Recall Search

Here is another resource that allows you to see recent recalls by make and model on all motorcycles:

Motorcycle Recalls by Make and Model.

If you feel that your new or used motorcycle is defective or is causing major problems, drop us a line to discuss your problems. Not all states cover motorcycles under the lemon law, but that does not mean we can’t help. As long as the motorcycle has been in for repair under manufacturers warranty three times for the same problem or four times for the same problem in Maryland, we can file a claim under the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act.

Bottom line: If you have a manufacturers warranty and have been in the shop repeated times for the same problem, chances are we can help. Please feel free to get in touch with us any time to discuss how we can provide free legal representation in your particular situation.

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  2. NHTSA is great that we can get service of our bikes.Thanks for the information about lemon law. Actually my motorcycle had defects and i send that back to the company twice.If the same problem happens again then i will surely let u know.

    Diana Taylor

    By diana taylor on Jun 7, 2012

  3. Purchased 2011 Motorcycle. It has started for 1 month, has not been on the road due to just receiving temp. and today receiving plates, problem is it will not NOW start. The company I purchased this unit from is A+ rating from the B.B.B…they are sending parts since they are located 4 hours away but my problem is I know nothing about installing parts and I do have disabilities.
    I feel I bought a LEMON. I should not need parts for a 2011 with 1.4 miles, never been on the road and was never told the carburetor needed to be lubed (company even stated on phone) the instructions are not very good. They claim the UIT unit is now burned out (the unit was blowing fuses (2) so far and will not start.
    I’d like to seek a FULL REFUND and they can have this piece of junk back.
    What do you suggest?

    By John J Reele on Jan 18, 2013

  4. Thank you for the information John, we’ll be in touch with you.

    By admin on Jan 21, 2013

  5. John, please contact the law firm of Krohn and Moss at 800-US-LEMON. They can help you with this problem in your state (according to the phone number you gave us).

    Thank you!

    By admin on Jan 21, 2013

  6. I have purchased a used 04 gsxr 750 from a dealer in the area. Ive had this bike for a month and a hlf and i now have the light and f1 or fi flashing where my temp is. i put the bike in dealer mode and the code that came up was c28, which is for the secondary actuator throttle vaulve. Ive put 1000 miles on the bike since ive bought it. Would this be covered under the lemon law? the shop says they went over the whole bike and claimed it was fine. They also said that i had two new tires and a couple days after getting the bike i realized that the reartire has a plug inside the tread.

    By fred on May 15, 2013

  7. Because it’s used it would not be covered under the lemon law in most states. What state is the car registered in and is it under manufacturer’s warranty? There is a federal law that we often use for used vehicles called the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act that may apply.

    By admin on May 16, 2013

  8. Im in ny state. No warrentee it was used bike. the gave me a month to bring it back for any ptoblems nd i brought it thr for m y brakes werent working they were jut my rear brakes after a week because the breaks were mush.

    By fred on May 16, 2013

  9. My son is a Cancer patient for the second time around. His love of motorcycles drove him to purchase a second one s his had been stolen due to no security system in his Harley 2003. So it was important that it have a proper working security system. He found a 2008 Harley but the battery needed replacing. This was at a Polaris of Gainesville dealer. The swore the security system worked and promised to put in a new battery. This was 11/13/13. He purchased with a down payment of $2,000 waiting for them to put in a battery. They noticed that it needed tires and said they would replace them. He returned for another payment on his down payment on 11/18 of $600 as agreed but still no battery as he had not heard it cranked up. They promised to have it ready by his final payment down on 11/29/13 of $500.00. When he arrived, still no battery, nothing had been done. So they ran it back to the shop quickly as he told them it had to be ready for his birthday of 11/30/13. They then had him resign new paperwork, but he had forgotten his glasses. They told him it was just to change the date to update all was the same and they would mail him a copy of what he signed. He was not feeling well that day and had a friend with him to load the bike rather than riding it. They laughed at him and shamed him into riding it home when he should not have ridden it due to his health that day. They only replaced the battery and the front tire. He didn’t realize the back tire was not replaced till he got home. Furthermore the key did not lock the bike. They told him he just didn’t know how to lock the bike. We found out that the key actually belonged to an different year bike after taking it to a Harley dealer. The security system also didn’t work and had to be repaired as they refused to do anything to the bike after they got their money. They said you have Assurance Service contract let them pay for it to have it fixed. The Harley dealer we took it to called them and confronted them with the cost of those items plus that fact that they sold a bike without any front and back brakes. We need help, how do we handle a bill for over $1,000 plus for repairs that Polaris of Gainesville had agreed to fix prior to purchase and once they got paid now refuses to fix or pay for?

    By PJ Hodes on Jan 25, 2014

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