BMW Recalls F650 GS and F800 GS Model Motorcycles

January 7, 2010 – 9:04 am

BMW is recalling model year 2008 through 2010 F650 GS and F800 GS motorcycles because of an problem where the engine stalls out during operation, potentially resulting in a crash.

When the engine is running, a vacuum is created to draw fresh air into the canister that mixes with the fuel vapors captured by the canister and combusted. Due to the routing of the ventilation hose, water could be drawn into the canister as well, causing the engine to stall.

If you are affected by this recall, you should take your motorcycle to the nearest BMW dealer who will install a new hose and route it differently so this does problem no longer occurs.

If you think your new or used motorcycle is defective or are experiencing major problems in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Ohio, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Michigan, Tennesee or Maryland, please contact Kimmel & Silverman at 1-800-LEMON LAW or through our website’s contact us page.

BMW F650 GS Motorcycle

BMW F650 GS Motorcycle

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  2. So is the recall on the F650GS only for the two cylinder motorcycles? I have a 2009 G650GS. BMW changed the nomenclature in 2009 from F650GS (single) to G650GS. I have about 5000 miles on it and I am having a similar stalling problem. Could it be the same problem? Are the 2009 G650GS included in the recall?

    Ted S
    Austin, TX

    By Ted Sullivan on Feb 22, 2010

  3. Hello Ted, thanks for your question. Unfortunately that specific model is not included in the recall, but we suggest that you get it to your dealer ASAP and make sure you document the problem. If the problem continues, motorcycles are covered by the lemon law in Texas, but it requires 4 repair attempts for the same problem, or 30 days out of service under warranty. Write us back and we can refer to you to a lemon law attorney in Texas who’ll take good care of you.

    By admin on Feb 22, 2010

  4. Hi,
    Im experiencing the same issues.
    While riding the engine just stalls for no reason, this is really dangerous and keeps me nervous especially if my wife rides with, stalling at the wrong time can cost our lives.
    The bike has been in to BMW numerous times and they mentioned nothing of the sort.


    By Chris Combrink on Dec 6, 2010

  5. Hi Chris,

    Please contact us about this issue so we can try to help you resolve it. Use this link to send us your info:

    Contact Us

    Thank you!

    By admin on Dec 6, 2010

  6. Hello,
    I wrote in last year about a stalling problem with my G650GS. They figured out that it was a defective catalytic converter and replaced it. After the replacement the bike ran great;… for about 10 months. It’s right back to the way it was before the repair. Do the ’09 G650GSs have a problem with over heating, to the point that it could repeatedly melt the cat?

    By Ted Sullivan on Jan 25, 2011

  7. There is a recall (you should have been notified by BMW if the records are correct) that addresses stalling on the F800GS and F650GS TWINS (2-cylinder) bikes.

    The problem is caused by water entering the drain tube from the carbon canister emissions control system during heavy rain or a water-crossing situation.

    The fix is easy, inexpensive, and only takes a few mintues.

    By Jim on Feb 3, 2011

  8. I have a 2009 f650 gs twin with the same stalling problem. Stalling is traffic is a serious problem and hopefully my trip to the dealer in Md from Ohio will solve the issue.

    By John caldwell on Apr 18, 2012

  9. The stalling issue turned out to be the catalytic converter. The BMW shop swapped mine out and it stopped stalling. However, another six months and the problem was back. My guess is (and this is ONLY a guess) the side bags cover the muffler and catalytic converter which may make the catalytic converter just hot enough to mess it up. I’m wondering if more people with this problem have and use side bags. Also, do people who don’t have side bags have this problem?

    By Ted Sullivan on Apr 19, 2012

  10. I have an 97r 1100 gs stalling has been a problem off and on for two years and maybe before i owned it. Some times it can be good for months then it acts up again . it is dangerous and it sounds like its been going on for a long time. bmw must want to go bankrupt from the deaths they may cause. I guess if bmw does not make maitenence info avalible then I say don’t buy bmw I am glad I bought used first .I was going to go new 26,000 plus

    By brian scheufen on May 13, 2012

  11. This article can be very instructive to bike newbies. To see that some of the comments come from seasoned bikers prove that fact.

    By Charles Robinson on Jun 6, 2012

  12. 2009 G650GS, 6200 miles, stalling just started yesterday, very bad and nearly put the bike down. Anti-lock brakes will not engage if you try to “catch in gear”, unless you are in higher gear 4/5, prepare for back wheel to lock and skid, then possibly catching to re-start engine. Very dangerous, please tell me this is covered by a re-call, I would expect no less from BMW.

    By Lawrence berti on May 10, 2014

  13. My 09 G650 GS also stalling with 4400 miles on it. I have sidebags. Definitely dangerous when it happens in traffic. Today happened slowing off the highway when downshifting. Found one site where the guy says not to touch the throttle while starting or idle is reset (too low probably). He said to reset properly turn key on without starting, go to full throttle 3-4 times, turn key off one minute, then turn back on and start. I did that today and will monitor to see what happens.

    By Steve Dessy on Jun 20, 2014

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