Are Motorcycles Covered Under the Lemon Law?

July 9, 2009 – 2:10 pm

We published a post on the Lemon Law Blog about this question, read the full post here: Are Motorcycles Covered Under the Lemon Law?

In addition, please find a listing of coverage here: Motorcycle Lemon Laws

Yamaha ATV Recall

April 2, 2009 – 11:59 am

Yamaha Motor Corp. issued a recall of more than 120,000 Yahama Rhino ATVs today. All Rhino 450 and 660 model vehicles are being recalled for repairs intended to prevent accidents that have resulted in 46 confirmed deaths and hundreds of injuries. These Yamaha Rhinos suffer from inherent design flaws that make them unstable and susceptible to low-speed rollovers.  If you have been injured as a result of this defect, please contact Michael Sacks at Kimmel & Silverman using our contact form.  Please include your name and daytime phone number including area code.

Suzuki Recalls 2005-2006 GSX-R1000 over Frame Issue

February 6, 2009 – 8:55 am

Suzuki, manufacturers of the GSX line of motorcycles, has issued a recall on over 26,000 GSX-R1000 motorcycles made between 2005 and 2006. The problem is in the bike’s frame, specifically behind and below the steering neck near the front triple clamps. When ridden aggressively this area is susceptible to cracking and becoming unsafe. If Suzuki finds any damage to any frame, it will be replaced with a newly reinforced unit. If no damage is found, a special brace will be added and covered by a new five-year warranty.  If you have one of these models, it is recommended that you see your local dealer to have it looked at and corrected if necessary.

These bikes were designed as racing machines, for rounding a race track as fast as possible. Pulling stunts with hard landings, like when attempting a wheelie puts stress on the bike that engineers did not design for.  Congrats to Suzuki for recognizing a dangerous situation and making efforts to rectify it.

Motorcycle Lemon Law

June 13, 2008 – 1:59 pm

Hello and welcome to our blog about Motorcycle Lemon Law, which talks about problems and complaints with various makes and models of motorcycles. In this site we’ll discuss the Lemon Law, Motorcycle Lemon Law and consumer rights concerning the Magnuson Moss statute.

If You Are Having Problems With Your Motorcycle, You Are Not Alone!

Many consumers have been reporting problems or defects with their bikes such as defective transmission parts, but don’t often report them because they are unaware that motorcycles are covered under the lemon law.

Every State has a Lemon Law and Most Will Cover a Motorcycle

Under the Lemon Law you are entitled to a NEW MOTORCYCLE or REFUND where the use, value or safety has been substantially affected. Or, if your motorcycle falls outside the State Lemon Law, there is a chance that you could still seek remedy under Federal Warranty Statutes such as Magnuson Moss.

Kimmel & Silverman

Our firm has provided free lemon law help to more than 75,000 consumers – more than any other lemon law firm nationwide! If you have been having problems with a bad motorcycle or bike and would like to know whether or not a legitimate claim for recovery under the lemon law is available to you, contact us or call 1-800-LEMON-LAW (1-800-536-6652). The only thing you have to lose is your lemon motorcycle or bike!

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